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Actions AU occur after the end of the pacifist, people all the time watching the barrier and after the destruction of the barrier, they attacked the monsters and took them to an unknown base in which the monsters carried out terrible experiments. What happened to frisk is unknown.

In the laboratory run a small number of monsters that organize a group of rebels, they capture the lower floor of the laboratory.

Some monsters went crazy after experimenting more of them don't care who they are they begin to kill anything that gets in their Muti no matter the monster or person.Rebels call them wild monsters

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sans one of the escaped monsters he heads a group of rebels.Can no longer use magic because in one experiment they took his eyes,deciding that he was dead he wanted to throw it out but help came to him flowi who had saved him and then he got into Sansa giving him the ability,his right hand covered with vine flowe.Owned the Sansa was released many monsters, and started a band.Wearing a mask of fake smiles.At the meeting, and may not attack her


Papyrus is locked up but trying to get out.Has mastered magic Guster blasters,but have this ability to there is limit.Is choice scarf green cloak also the skull is slightly cracked on the right side.After the papyrus had heard a conversation between two people about what Sansa is dead.Papyrus this be a positive


The new main character is called Mei she is 16-18 years old, she is an assistant to Dr. Austin who heads the entire laboratory.May can choose two ways of genocide or a pacifist,when meeting with Sansa she can go with him and thus she chooses the path of a pacifist,she can escape and help the doctor Austin to kill all the rebels thus she chooses the path of genocide.Wears a doctor's coat of arms has a Taser.


Toriel is sans ' right hand and is the second commander of the rebel group.Is the medic in the squad, it makes the herbs,and still bakes pies iris.When toriel meets Mae the she as and sans learns in Mae frisk and so helps it.Still hates azgor.Wears a black cloak with a hood,on the back of the backpack with ointments and potions.


Azgor betrayed the monsters and began to cooperate with the people, he gave them the knowledge about magic and knowledge about the weaknesses of the monsters.Dressed in high-tech armor with a red Cape.


After he was Azriel awoke in him feelings of love and mercy, he saw that the people captured all the monsters,he followed the people and got into the lab he finds a wounded Sansa and saves him.Does not differ in appearance from the original.


Andain is one of dark after experimenting she is going crazy and now doesn't understand what's going on around her she doesn't understand who you can trust,and she's scared.Of the eyes and mouth black liquid flowing can't speak.No bandage on the eye,has the appearance of the immortal Andain.


The'fis engineer in the group of rebels she creates weapons for the monsters pulse bombs and energy shields.Wants to help of Anduin and dismantle information about gesture.Appearance is not different from Canon

Dr. Austin

Dr. Austin is the most powerful body in which the spirit of enchantment sits.If may chooses the path of genocide, the doctor kills her at the end.
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